What is Film Navajo?

Film Navajo 

What type of services does Navajo Nation Film office provide?
  • Permits
  • Locations scouting 
  • Casting Calls/ Talent Search
  • Navajo Interpretation 
  • Production Assistant 
  • Crew( Behind the camera)
Does NNTVF have a talent agency program?

NNTVF, is currently in the process 

Do I need a film permit on the Navajo Nation?


What are the types of permits issued?


Does NNTVF provide film permits per day?


What are the fees for permits and other services? 


Does NNTVF rent out media equipment?

NNTVF does not rent out or loan out equipment. NNTVF equipment is provided but is to be used and operated by NNTVF staff professionals only. 

Does NNTVF charge for Media services?
Yes, NNTVF charges for all services which includes all level of video productions, live streams, post-editing and drone operations. 
Does NNTVF provide onsite live streaming?

Yes, NNTVF offers on site live streaming, however an Ethernet connection is required. 

What types of videos does NNTVF produce? 

NNTVF produces a variety of films including but not limited to short films. feature films, short and full length documentaries, commercials, promo videos and more. 

Does NNTVF have a certified Drone Pilot?

NNTVF has two fully certified licensed drone operators. 

Is NNTV licensed with the FCC?

Yes, our FCC Registration number is 00150737 which was granted in 1989 and  is maintained for renewal.

Is NNTV analog or digital?

We provide digital formatted television to remain current with technological trends. 

Does NNTV have a program schedule?

NNTVF is in the process of providing a public access program schedule through our website, 

What subject Materials does NNTV broadcast?
  • Nataani TC- streaming of council and presidential quarterly reports. 

  • Navajo Focus- community news

  • Stoodis- Arts , Music, Sports, and Fashion 

  • Health and Fitness 

  • Culture

How can I view NNTV programs?

To view our programs you will need a Television (portable or stationary) with an antenna and you will need to be within the vicinity of one of our transmission towers. Next you would utilize your television "scan" feature to scan over the air signals . This should allow to receive our broadcast signal and the 4 channels which we broadcast.