NNTV5 is the Navajo Nation's low-power, non-commercial television station. It is the only tribally owned, funded and operated station in the United States. We simultaneously broadcast digital over the air transmission that includes Navajo Nation TV5, PBS Kids, PBS News, and First Nation Experience (FNX). The NNTV5 includes Navajo related and/or produced content.

Prior to April 7, 2020, NNTV5 undertook great planning and overhaul of what was a one (1) channel analog television. On April 7, 2020 the NNTV5 went to new heights in launching for the first time a four (4) channel digital broadcast. On July 4, 2020, in collaboration with the New Mexico PBS/KNME of Albuquerque NM, NNTV5 was extended into the Crownpoint, NM area. (See transmission coverage below)

Watch the video below to see what NNTV5 has to offer. 

Navajo Nation TV Station- NNTV5