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NNTV5 is the Navajo Nation's low-power, non-commercial television station. It is the only tribally owned, funded, and operated station in the United States. To see what NNTV5 is broadcasting daily, view the TV Program Schedule below. Join us, Watch Navajo, and discover the culture, language, and richness of the Navajo Nation. 

Watch Navajo means that you, the viewer, are witnessing and experiencing visual content with Navajo talent and crew. You are engaged from your own home or business, as we bring the community to you while instilling a sense of connection, familiarity, and inspiration. 


NNTV5 is a Navajo-owned and operated low-power, non-commercial television station that showcases the Navajo land, people, culture, and language. We connect with our community through the digital spectrum and build relationships with industry partners to broaden our native digital network.

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