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Navajo Film-makers Grant Program

Navajo Nation TV and Film (NNTVF) and Division of Diné Education (DODE) are pleased to announce the establishment of the Navajo Nation Filmmakers’ Grant Program (NNFGP).

This Program awarded $6,500 to 10 individual Navajo Filmmakers as part of NNTVF’s vision to stimulate economic opportunity and create avenues of accessibility for a burgeoning Navajo Film Industry. NNFGP also serves as an unprecedented Language Revitalization effort that seeks to facilitate the development of original scripts that are at least 80% in the Diné Language. Accompanying this endeavor is a yearlong undertaking by NNTVF to organize the 1st Annual Navajo Nation Film Festival in September 2024 where the finished projects will premier.

With an effort to make this an annual grant opportunity, anticipate a submission date to begin August 2024. 

Applications must be accompanied by a grant proposal that includes a Film Synopsis, Treatment, a Production Budget (including the $6,500 grant), and a Script that is at least 80% in the Navajo Language. It is recommended that scripts be between 10-20 pages.

Along with the ten (10) short films produced by the Navajo Filmmakers, NNTVF Production team will be producing two (2) short films, in addition, with our Navajo Film Makers Workshop initiative for students, we intend to have five (5) students films with a total of 17 films premiered at the festival. 

Stay tuned for more information on the Inaugural Navajo Nation Film Festival 


For additional question, please call (928) 871-7826.

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