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AZ Scenic Highway 77


White Cone, AZ

Chapter Affiliation

White Cone Chapter - (928) 654-3900


AZ Scenic Highway 77 offers views of beautiful and unique landscape including glimpses of the Painted Desert's colorful scenery. The highway starts south of Highway 264 - 4.5 miles southeast of Jeddito, AZ, 17 miles west of Steamboat, AZ, 10 miles north of White Cone, AZ. A full stretch of 256 miles, Highway 77 starts on the Navajo Nation and continues south to Tucson, AZ.


AZ Division of Transportation - (602) 712-4142

Contact Information: 

Winslow Indian Healthcare Center - (928) 289-4646
Dilkon Police Department - (928) 657-8074


- Low traffic
- Scenic highway
- Nearest fuel station is 13 miles south of the Highway's turnoff at 264
- Highway drives onto Hopi Reservation for approx. 4 miles
- Be mindful of local cattle and road conditions after inclement weather


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The location listed is on the Navajo Nation. Failure to have a permit is considered trespassing on a Federal Indian Reservation. Do not desecrate any areas in the Navajo Nation. Most roads are not maintained and are usually unmarked.

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