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Baby Rocks Mesa


Dennehotso, AZ

Chapter Affiliation

Dennehotso Chapter - (928) 658-3300


This unique rock formation located along Route 160 gets its name from the eroded walls that resembles clinging babies. 11 miles west of Dennehotso, AZ, 16 miles east of Kayenta, AZ.


Navajo Nation Film Office

Contact Information: 

Kayenta Health Center - (928) 697-4000
Kayenta Police Department - (928) 697-5600


- Location is off the highway
- There are no picnic grounds or landmarks
- Rock climbing is not allowed
- Nearest hotel, restaurant, and fuel station is 16 miles away


red rocks, standing rocks, arizona, landmark

The location listed is on the Navajo Nation. Failure to have a permit is considered trespassing on a Federal Indian Reservation. Do not desecrate any areas in the Navajo Nation. Most roads are not maintained and are usually unmarked.

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