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Canyon De Chelly


Chinle, AZ

Chapter Affiliation

Chinle Chapter - (928) 674-2052


A beautiful canyon in the heart of the Navajo Nation, Canyon de Chelly is an important landmark to the Navajo People. The canyon offers several overlooks and walking trails to explore, including the Spider Rock overlook, White House Trail, and more. 1 mile west of Chinle, AZ


National Park Service** - (928) 674-5500
Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department** - (928) 871-6647
Navajo Nation Film Office**

Contact Information: 

Chinle Health Care Facility - (928) 674-7001
Chinle Police Department - (928) 674-2111/2112


**National Park Service requires permit inside the canyon
**NN Parks & Recreation requires permit for campgrounds
**NN Film Office requires permit for residential areas of canyon and Chinle, AZ
- Nearest gas station 1 mile away in Chinle, AZ
- Restaurant and hotel available at Thunderbird Lodge or in Chinle
- Camping requires fee from Parks & Rec Dept
- Guided tours will charge a fee - must have a tour to enter the canyon
- Absolutely NO rock climbing or drones


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The location listed is on the Navajo Nation. Failure to have a permit is considered trespassing on a Federal Indian Reservation. Do not desecrate any areas in the Navajo Nation. Most roads are not maintained and are usually unmarked.

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