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Coyote Canyon


Brimhall Nizhoni, NM

Chapter Affiliation

Coyote Canyon Chapter - (505) 735-2623


A beautiful canyon hidden in the hills of Coyote Canyon. The canyon can be accessed from Indian Route 9, west of Brimhall, taking Indian Service Route 371 for 5 miles on unpaved road - will have to walk to canyon from the road.


Navajo Nation Film Office

Contact Information: 

Tohatchi Health Center - (505) 733-8100
Crownpoint Police Department - (505) 786-2050/2051


- Road to canyon is unpaved and may be harder to navigate after bad weather
- Canyon is not viewable from road, will have to drive or walk to canyon
- Residents live on the road to the canyon


canyon, gourge, white rocks, rocks, desert, new mexico

The location listed is on the Navajo Nation. Failure to have a permit is considered trespassing on a Federal Indian Reservation. Do not desecrate any areas in the Navajo Nation. Most roads are not maintained and are usually unmarked.

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